10 Best Apps Like Flipagram

Flipagram is a pretty hot app right now, it’s a photo and video editor that can help you look like a tech and social media pro. You can make slideshows, add music, make videos in a range of styles, with a ton of extra features like lip-syncing or slow-mo, making it perfect for Vine, Youtube and all other social media accounts.

While Flipagram has some great tools, there are some other similar apps that can help you create, edit and manage your content just as well. We’ve found 10 best apps like Flipagram to ensure you put the best of yourself online.

  1. PicFlow

You might have heard of PicFlow, it’s a photo and music mixer that allows you to make awesome video slideshows. You have full control over the finer details with an array of customizable options.

One of the most notable features is being able to control photo and slide time, this can be applied to individual photos or the entire set.

Even if you’re not that interested in the slideshow tools, Picflow is still one of best apps for editing photos. You can also use photos straight from your phone library or PC files which makes it easier to edit and upload photos that would otherwise get forgotten about.

If you want to improve your selfies or fancy yourself as a bit of a photographer this is definitely an app you should try. It’s currently available on Android, iOS and desktop too.

Do you love posting images online or want your photos to get more attention? Check out these 5 apps like Instagram and photography alternatives to up your social media game.

  1.  InstaShot

InstaShot is a slideshow builder made specifically for Instagram. Make music and video slideshows from within the app, so you can post premium Instagram content quickly.

There are all your usual features for images from resizing to adding text, insert images into your videos and easily edit them.

To make the process even easier, you can take pictures directly from the app and publish them straight to your social feeds or add them to a music video or image slideshow.

With the ability to modify all your content  instantly, you’re always gonna be Instagram ready.

Video editing and more importantly video compression is what puts InstaShot into the same league as Flipagram. Many people don’t realize when they take a video for Instagram that there’s a time cap. Which leaves many people asking “what is the Instagram video limit?

  1. FlipJam

FlipJam is the most similar app to Flipagram, boasting both photo and video editing features that allow you to “flip” uploaded content into mashups, collages, slideshows and even draw; the options are almost endless.

It’s made by the designers of PicCandy a global top ten photo app so as you can imagine the interface is clean and user-friendly, some liken it’s style and set up to Tumblr.

With the ability to post directly to social media from the app, many users actually prefer using FlipJam over logging into their individual site accounts, so they must be doing something right!

FlipJam is one of the apps making the next generation of music videos and slideshows. Grab people’s attention by syncing music from your library to the beat of your video or slideshow, you can do the same for images too, thanks to the apps detection algorithm.

Any editing you do is all done by tapping or drag and drop so you have complete control without having to fish through a bunch of settings to find what you’re looking for.

FlipJam also tried to bring a sense of community to their app – where you can remix other people’s music and share your content publicly if you wish. There’s also plenty of music and videos for you to browse.

  1. VideoFX Live

Many of the best apps like Flipagram combine photo and video, but that doesn’t mean that apps that do only video can’t rise to the same standard. VideoFx Live is proof that when designers stick to what they know the end result is a sleek and easy to use.

Before we get into the features, a big selling point about this particular app is that it’s available for free.

Loaded with tools suitable for all user-abilities, use the editor to inject some life into your videos.

So if you’re looking for a way to make a crazy music video with friends or you want to make use of the green screen effects (who doesn’t want to interact with a clone of themselves?).

Maybe you feel like vlogging or want to make a video that’s Vine worthy?  VideoFx Live has your back!

No setup required. Just press to record with one touch options to pause and stop your video – meaning you’ll never have to edit or cut scenes, just pick up right where you left off. Upload your video creations to your social media accounts, save to your phone or share them via email.

  1. BeFunky Pro

BeFunky Pro is all about the image and by that I mean your photos. This app Caters solely to your photo needs with extensive editing tools, effects, enhancements and a collage feature.

You might be thinking, well the other apps we’ve talked about offer those too, yes they do.

What helps BeFunky Pro rise up and compete with other best apps like Flipagram is that it’s one of the best image editors, which has made it popular with both everyday social media users and those interested in photography.

Most high-quality photography apps are often expensive and yet BeFunky Pro is a free app, more than fit for purpose with one of the best in-app camera features available at present across similar apps.

Users can use the app on mobile or PC for the feel of an editing suite. The depth of the features and effects on offer to enhance photos offer precision and a professional-grade finish.

To get the most from BeFunky Pro check out their how-to articles and tutorials.

  1. Animoto

Once you upload your photos and video clips to Animoto you can use your mobile device to create unique videos.

While this app might not be first choice for video pros, it provides beginners and intermediate-level users to enhance their videos tremendously using clear, effective tools to edit and alter. All your usual image and video toolkit is there with a large font pack and an in depth text editor.

This makes it a great app for children and educators to easily build, publish and manipulate content. Realizing this after much re-designing since the software first launched in 2005, all educators can now apply for free and receive Animato Plus for use in the classroom.

What makes Animoto a best app for everyday use? It utilizes the cloud and offers users data security, this is great news for people who’ve struggled with other apps or lost their uploads or completed projects. Another nice touch is the soundtrack tool which allows you to add up to hundred songs to your video, most apps have much lower limits.

  1. Slideshow Maker

Slideshow maker has all the charm of earlier desktop video-editing software but with all the tech extras we’ve all come to know and love. This software is great for everyone, the professional features are on par with that of Flipagram.

The instant play video features along with effects, music, stickers and more actually make it a great app for composing and editing Youtube videos, work presentations, putting your many saved photos into an enjoyable form.

One of the best apps for those who are not necessarily big on daily social media publishing but still want all the sharing capabilities. To see Slideshow Maker in action click here.

  1. VivaVideo

VivaVideo is another highly rated free app for video making. Many users use the app for the collage tools, it’s not quite as professional grade in terms of options, as others we’ve mentioned but it still produces high quality results.

VivaVideo is helping people take their photos and videos left to sit idle on their phones and transform them into something special that people can appreciate and admire on social media – just take a look at any of the 890,000 #vivavideo posts on Instagram!

  1. VStudio

If your main social media interests are Vine and Youtube, then this app is definitely one of the best for you. It combines all the best video editing features that are most needed for these two sites. Think lighting and contrast, to recording your voice on a video. There’s all the usual editing features with music and effects to boot.

Many people still aren’t sure how to Vine or more importantly how to gain followers on Vine – but we’ve got that covered.

  1. Meipai

Use Meipai to change your photos into videos and your videos into really great videos. Meipai offers a fun take and a sprinkle of creativity with their video editing options, they’re all of great quality.

Think of themes and effects such as heroes, villians, fairies, princesses and many movie ideas. For an app the editor and final cut of your video feels very action-blockbuster. This would be great with the kids but I can also think of plenty of adults who’d love to play around with this.

Think of what you could do with a few Facebook photos!?

We’ve reached the end and you should now know the 10 best apps like Flipagram you could be using to get amazing results when it comes to editing and publishing on your social media. Unleash your creativity!

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